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Camera bag

I used to put my old camera in every bag or backpack and carry it around without protection. But with a new camera I thought I need to be a bit careful at least in the beginning. I found this handmade leather bag from tox leather. They are produced eco friendly and everything is handmade.

The bag was a bit larger than I expected. But this gives me some space for an additional lens or my lunch.

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A green toilet

A while ago one of my best friends decided to move into a palace. It’s a beautiful old stone brick house in the middle of the city. Last time I saw it, it was still empty, because she had just moved in. But not this time!

She has a room only for her plants. The walls of the dining room are painted cornflower blue. And she has a sofa from Ikea’s grandmother collection. But the toilet was the most awesome I have ever seen.

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Is there still untouched nature? Close to where you live?

The closest place I can think of is the Eigental. A couple of years ago the municipalities and conservationists argued about a road going trough a nature reserve. The road needed mending and the conservationists demanded tunnels below the road for the amphibians. But nobody wanted to pay and nothing happened. Ever since the road has been closed and no one is allowed to drive there.

Today, I wanted to check out this „untouched“ nature and walked through the snow. I met pretty sights, but not as untouched as I hoped.

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This was 2016

I have done it once, so it is basically tradition! This was my 2016:

  • Started the year in the sun in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote; and fell in love with Lanzarote
  • Chased the northern lights in Bergen with Mari
  • Made a shelf (also with Mari)

  • Traveled to Turku, Parma, Montpellier and Kristiansand for work; and to Berlin for fun; with nice people
  • Moved to the city centre
  • Visited China and saw a glacier
  • Sold stamps at the Christmas market
  • Got a jelly fish
  • Shot a lot of analog pictures

  • Experienced the wettest July ever, with only four days without rain
  • Kayaked in the fjords with my foldable Oru Kayak
  • Moved my office to the fourth floor. I am one of the grown ups now!
  • Did some wonderful ski touring with good people
  • Practiced yoga on the roof with lovely people

  • Skied down a Free Ride Face with shaking knees
  • Got chocolate and cheese from two angles
  • Got tired of the narrow views and bought a full-frame camera. And I will make one picture a day for a year!
  • Spent time at Finse counting flies
  • Thought a bunch of excellent students about ecology, writing and R coding
  • Ended the year in Bad Tölz with the Bananafishbones

And the year is not finished yet. I will also submit my first SeedClim paper this year. It will happen before New Year!

Thank you everybody for sharing 2016 with me!

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Chocolate made in Bergen

Bergen Kaffebreneriet has started to produce their own chocolate. They have three types, named after the country the cacao beans are from. Kongo is a classic chocolate, with cacao beans from Virunga National Parc, where the endangered gorillas live. Den Dominikanske Republiken is made from fair trade cacao and contains fruits. Madagaskar tasts of citrus fruit and has been given away already.

I like the design and look forward to try them.