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365 x awesome: the first 3 month

I got a new camera this year and to force me to use it, I decided to take and post one picture a day, for a year. And now I have reached 3 month! Check out all the pictures here.

I have posted a picture every day (not always before midnight)! Yeah! But the picture is not always from that day. Sometimes I did not taken a picture and used an older one. But that’s ok.

I love to scroll through the pictures, because every one of them is a memory of that particular day. It’s like reading in a diary.

These are my 3 favorite pictures so far:


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Where home is

Living abroad and traveling makes you think about what and where home is. I have called a lot of places home over the past years and I have tried to distinguish them by saying „home“, „home home“, etc. But I realized that home is something different. Somebody else would probably explain home differently, but for me is has three different meanings.

Home is a place where I can be by myself. There are usually things that I love, books, music, camera, my monkey. And it is the place I sleep and eat and go when I need to be alone, to think and drink a cup of tea.

Home is also the place where I have loved once. A place were I love to return to. My heart beats faster when I think about the place and when I go there. It can be memories from the childhood or new places I have learnt to love.

The third kind of home for me is nature. Being in nature can be so beautiful that it makes my heart jump. Hiking over a meadow, standing on a mountain, seeing the ocean after a long journey, skiing a slope in powder, walking through a magical forrest, looking at a glacier or swim in a fjord. All these things make me feel alive and strong. But at the same time I get this awareness that earth is our home, this beautiful planet that is the only home we have.

Home, for me is a feeling and it always comes from the heart.

This beautiful documentary by Jordan Manley has inspired me to think about what home means for me.

Crossing Home: A Skier’s Journey | Series Finale from Jordan Manley on Vimeo.