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This was 2017

To become a tradition, it has to happen three times. So, this was my 2017:

  • I started the year in the sun in Capo Verde, with wonderful people, lot’s of sun, swimming and excellent music.

  • Traveled twice over the Atlantic for work. Once to Oregon, where I also travelled and the second time to Tucson, where I enjoyed the sun and fell for the food.
  • Visited China again and saw the Great Wall

  • Did not move to a new house or office!
  • Caught a big fish.
  • Did non-stop field work for a couple of weeks.
  • Did some water coloring which resulted in a book.
  • Took one picture a day for a whole year: 365xawesome I will continue to post a picture a day, but here.
  • Had another rainy summer in Bergen.
  • Kayaked to work with my foldable Oru Kayak
  • Spent more than a month at Finse skiing, working, teaching and counting flowers and flies.

  • Made a lot of videos about work and skiing at Finse.
  • Thought a bunch of excellent students about ecology, writing and R coding
  • Ended the year in Bad Tölz with the Bananafishbone unplugged concerts
  • Published 2 papers

Thank you everybody for sharing 2017 with me!

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Morning run

I love to live in the city centre, to have everything close by, get a coffee, walk to the shop and go for a stroll in the centre. It’s convenient to have everything very close. And in Bergen you can have the city and right by your house.

But I also like to live in the countryside. Not having any neighbours, hearing the birds sing and seeing animals from the window. The Tiny House in Buechberg is such a place and I love spending time here. It is great to wake up and be able to walk out of the door and start jogging. This morning was lovely even with some sun.

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Christmas gift

For the last couple of weeks I have painted and water coloured a 23 page story. And it has become a little book. The story is an adventure of Lisa and Tim and their friend the blue butterfly, who is kidnapped and locked away in the highest tower of a castle. The story is full of adventure, magic creatures and suspense. Will Lisa and Tim find the blue butterfly again, and who is going to help them?

It is a Chirstmas gift for my nephew and nice.

PS: In case you are still looking for a gift for a little fellow, let me know and I can send you a pdf of the story. It’s in Norwegian!

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Sonora Desert

One of the great things about being a scientist is that I get to travel. The last week I have spent in Tucson, Arizona. It is great to get away from Bergen in November and I did not hesitate to visit the Sonora Desert. The food is great (lot’s of Mexican food), there are giant cacti and desert with an neotropical touch (meaning a lot greener than what you would expect).

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Some days in heaven

I have been travelling  a lot (too much) in the last couple of month. And all I wanted was to stay at home for some time. So, when I packed my bags to go to Håvoll (6 hour drive north of Bergen) for a couple of days, I did not feel thrilled. But then, Håvoll is my second home, it’s a place to relax, to enjoy, to do nothing and everything, to think, eat and drink. It’s my favorite place in the world.

But then it was good to get away. Enjoying the colourful autumn, making a fire at the beach, fishing, watching the sun set, taking pictures, drinking coffee, being with loved once. And I caught the largest fish in my life!


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Back from China

I’m finally back from China. The good thing with traveling is that I always look forward to go home. The country I visit can be great and make me want to stay, but after a while, home is always calling.

I’m glad to be back  in my own flat, sleep in my own bed, cook my own food, have a normal toilette, people are not spitting everywhere and I can meet my friends again. But I have all these wonderful memories from Chengdu and Beijing. Thank you China!

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Second week in Chengdu

I like to explore new places and to figure out how things work in different parts of the world. But it can also be tiring. Even more I enjoy to come back to a place where I already know how things run.

I have been to Chengdu three times. And I start to get used to this lively Chinese life. I get used to the traffic and chaotic driving and how to safely cross a street. I learn how to communicate without understanding a single word (on both sides). I can accept that there are always people around me. But in the middle of all this noise, I have found quiet spots. A student took me to the Wenshu Monastery where we had lunch and enjoyed a tea ceremony. And I learn to write Chinese characters. I could have stayed there forever writing a language I will never be able to fully understand.

I have a bit more than a week before I will travel to Beijing for a couple of days, in the middle of the Chinese holiday. A new adventure, a new place to explore and find out how things work.