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I have worked at Gudmedalen for 2 summers and always gazed up on the top of Furekamben with a glint in my eyes. „I want  to go up, but there is not time today“. I never took the time to go! So this week, I went all the way up. It’s half an hour walk from our field site at Gudmedalen. Yes, it’s steep and hard, but worth the effort. The view is astonishing. You can see Flåmsdalen, a vertical rock face and where Låvisdalen lies.

So, dear SeedClim and FunCaB’ers, next time you are at Gudmedalen go up to Furekamben! It will cost you only an hour of your time. Half an hour up, 20 minutes slapping yourself, asking yourself why you never went up and then you can enjoy the view. And 10 minutes down.

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